auf Raspberry Pi

Ich habe meine Homepage wieder einmal übersiedelt. Diese lief bis gestern auf Basis von Google Sites. Ab sofort läuft diese auf einem Raspberry Pi und WordPress.

Der Raspberry Pi steht bei mir zu Hause im „Serverraum“:


Dieser kleine Rechner ist nur ca. so groß wie eine Zigarettenschachtel und wird standardmäßig mit einer 700Mhz-CPU und 512 MB RAM ausgeliefert. Diese Werte beziehen sich auf das Modell B, es gibt aber auch ein leistungsschwächeres Model A. auf Raspberry Pi weiterlesen

geoEarl published

wp_ss_20131222_0001The first version of geoEarl can now be downloaded from the Windows Phone Store. It doesn’t offer all the features, that the Pocket PC Geocaching Tools had, especially the GSAK-database support is not available. I see it as an addition to the official Groundspeak app to solve multi caches.

It offers the following features:

En- and Decryption

  • ROT13 etc.
  • Vigenère
  • One Time Pad

Transformation of texts and numbers

  • A=1
  • Roman numbers
  • Phone keypad
  • and some more

Solver with 26 variables

Here is the link:

Google dropping support for Exchange ActiveSync (Google Sync)

Google announced some days ago, that they will drop the support for their free customers of Gmail and Google Apps by 30th of January 2013. In particular Windows Phone users are affected by this decision. It is to mention, that existing devices, that are already connected via Google Sync, will keep on working. Only new devices will not be able to setup sync connections via Google Sync. More information about this can be found on the help pages of Google.

What are your options now?

  1. For Android users nothing will change. Just setup your Google account and everything will work as usually.
  2. New iOS-users will have to use IMAP, CardDav and CalDav to keep their stuff in sync. CardDav support requires iOS 5+.
  3. Users with new Windows Phones will have the following options:
  • Move your stuff to (formerly known as Windows Live Hotmail). Microsoft is still offering Exchange ActiveSync and it’s still for free.
  • Pay Google ~ 40 EUR a year and upgrade your account to „Google Apps for business“. AFAIK this will only work for accounts with own domains (i.e. instead of
  • Pay Microsoft ~ 45 EUR a year and switch to their Office365-platform (Exchange Online plan).
  • Wait, until Microsoft will offer CardDav and CalDav support. Only time will show, if this ever will happen.

As all my devices are currently connected via Google Sync, I can postpone the decision. I still don’t know, what I will do, when I’ll get a new device, i.e. one of those new Windows 8 tablets. 🙂

Windows Phone App in development: geoEarl

SplashScreenImage.jpgWell, there is not too much to show at the moment, but still I want to annouce, that I have another Windows Phone app in development. The logo on the left looks similar to you? OK, then you might already have guessed, what it is: Yes, those are „Pocket PC Geocaching Tools“ for Windows Phone. Well, as the old name doesn’t make too much sense anymore, I decided to rename the software to „geoEarl“. Or maybe I’ll call it PPC-GCT-FWP 😉

The picture you can see on the left is just the splash screen of the app. Some modules are already finished, but the main part is still to come: Open GSAK databases. The main problem here is: How to transfer a database with hundred(s) of megabyte to the phone in a fast and convenient way? Not to talk about hundreds of grabbed images and spoilers. Maybe Windows Phone 8 has some new options to achieve this.

The software is still in early development, so don’t expect anything in the near future. Maybe I’ll publish the app without the GSAK part at the beginning.

Let’s see…..

New Windows Phone App

Screenshot for Dev CenterSome days ago I published a small app called DaysTo Christmas.

It will show you how many days are left until the next Christmas. You can choose if the app should count until the 24th or the 25th of December.

The app is not free, but will cost 0,99 EUR/USD or that amount in your local currency.

It’s available in all markets, that are supported by the Windows Phone Store. The language of the app is English.

Get it now on the Windows Phone Store!

Picture used in this application:
NBS, „Weihnachtlich“
CC-Lizenz (BY 2.0)